• The Guide to Affordable Print-on-Demand Solutions: Midrange and Clustered Printing Systems (Third Edition)

Can a copier/printer really compete with a DocuTech or Digimaster 9110? Why all the interest in cluster printing systems? What differentiates the systems on the market today? Affordable on-demand printing systems built around increasingly fast and capable copier/printers in combination with innovative software are finding buyers among quick printers, commercial printers, digital service bureaus, and in-house operations. The guide explains how they're being used and where they're heading. (2001/130 pages) 

Comprehensive overview and analysis of all the major systems and players.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The DocuTech & Beyond

* The Printing Industry: Then and Now
* Shorter Runs, More Often
* Turnaround Time
* The DocuTech Decade
* Contendors for the Crown

Chapter 2: Midrange & Clustered Systems

* Digital Copiers and Printers
* Systems vs. Boxes
* Types of Systems
* Applications

Chapter 3: Strengths & Weaknesses

* Price
* Throughput
* Speed & Volume
* Operating Costs
* Operating Environment
* Paper Handling, Binding & Finishing
* Software & Utilities
* Conclusions

Chapter 4: Features & Functions

* Scanning
* Print Controllers
* File Storage & Archiving
* Paper Handling, Binding & Finishing
* Productivity Tools
* Color Printing

Chapter 5: Vendors

* System Suppliers
o Canon
o Hewlett-Packard
o Konica
o Minolta
o Oc

Benefits of the Guide

# Clarifies technical and market issues
# Helps users make the right decision
# Assists print-on-demand systems vendors and print providers in training and education
# Format allows for easy comparison of solutions
# Portable and easy to read

Who Will Benefit?

* Manufacturing/reseller companies
o Printing Systems
o Print controllers, software and connectivity
o Print media/consumables
* Corporate users
o In-plants/reprographic centers
o MIS/Data centers
o Corporate network operations
* Print providers
o Commercial printers and quick printers
o Reprographic firms and copy shops
o Digital Service bureaus
o Outsourcing organizations
* Educational organizations
* Industry trade associations

The guide has the answers you need

* What is print-on-demand and how is it done?
* What is a midrange print-on-demand system?
* What makes one system different fron the next?
* What are the latest technology and market developments?
* Where are the applications and opportunities?
* What issues to consider when entering the print-on-demand market?
* How to evaluate and compare systems?
* How do midrange & clustered solutions stack up to high-volume systems such as the Xerox DocuTech and Heidelberg Digimaster 9110?

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The Guide to Affordable Print-on-Demand Solutions: Midrange and Clustered Printing Systems (Third Edition)

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