• The Guide to Paper and Digital Printing: What You Should Know (Third Edition)

A powerful tool for understanding key technology, marketing issues and trends related to paper and digital printing, the reference guide is invaluable to anybody involved in the electronic printing industry. The Guide to Paper and Digital Printing is a must for those who sell, buy, and/or use digital printers, papers and other substrates. (June 2007/ 200 pages)

Table of Contents

I. Introduction 
* Why the Guide?
* The History of Paper and Print
* The Pulp and Papermaking Process
* The Digital Printing World
* The Digital Maker

II. Key Considerations for Paper 
* Types of Paper
* Paper Physicial Properties/Characteristics
* Other Paper Issues

III. Substrate Industry Market Trends 
* Overall Paper Market
* Cut-sheet Papers
* Forms Bond Grades, Including Carbonless
* Envelopes
* Coated Papers and Surface Treatments
* Overhead Transparencies and Synthetics
* Labels
* Index Tabs
* Checks

IV. Ink Jet Printing 
* Generic Ink Jet Printing Substrate Issues
* Films and Other Substrates
* Continuous Ink Jet
* Drop-on-Demand
* Wide-format Ink Jet Printing
* The Future of Ink Jet Printing

V. Black-and-White Electrophotography 
* Monochrome Toner-based Substrate Issues
* Laser and LED Printing
* Other Nonimpact Technologies

VI. Color Electrophotography 
* Substrate Issues in Color Electrophotography
* Desktop Color Page Printers and Midrange
* Multifunction Sytems
* Production Systems
* Production Printers and Copiers/Printers
* Color Digital Presses

VII. Direct thermal/Thermal Transfer, Dye Sublimation, & Electrostatic 
* Direct thermal/Thermal Transfer, Dye Sublimation
* Electrostatic

VIII. Paper Handling and Pre- & Post-Processing 
* Network Laser Printers and Multifunction Systems
* In-line, Off-line, and Near-line Solutions
* Paper Handling Systems

IX. The Marketing & Selling of Paper and Other Media 
* Distribution Structure
* Paper Brands
* Pricing
* Quality Concerns

X. The Future of Paper

Benefits of the Guide

  • Helps users and designers to enhance the appearance and quality of their documents
  • Assists buyers in making the right purchasing decision
  • Helps equipment and paper vendors educate and train their employees

Who will Benefit?

  • Manufacturing/Vendor Companies
  • End users
  • Educational organizations
  • Industry trade associations

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The Guide to Paper and Digital Printing: What You Should Know (Third Edition)

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