• The Advanced Document: A New Concept in Communication

discusses the importance of the paper document as an integral part of customer relations. Even now in the Age of E-mail, there are huge amounts of paper-based correspondence which, when used effectively, can be an excellent means of increasing sales, profitability, and quality of service. This book explains how, through intelligent use of available technology and their evolutions, you can transform a simple paper document into a completely effective, advanced document. (2002/160 pages) 

Table of Contents

Introduction Chapter I: The Source Document: A Necessary Evil?

Chapter II: The Principles of the Modern Document Processing Factory

Chapter III: The Outgoing Document: A Marketing Tool

Chapter IV: The Advanced Document at the Service of the Company: The How and Why of the Document Revolution

Chapter V: The Form and the Message: A Sensible Marriage

Chapter VI: The Advanced Document and its Architecture

Chapter VII: Categorization of Documents Produced by the Company

Chapter VII: Participants in the World of the Advanced Document

Chapter IX: Generated Gains

Chapter X: Tools for the Advanced Document


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The Advanced Document: A New Concept in Communication

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