• Digital Printing: The Reference Handbook 3rd Edition

is the expanded and completely updated version of Nonimpact Electronic Printing: The Reference Handbook. It is a thorough guide to electronic printing markets, languages, technologies, and applications. The book provides a historical background on digital printing technologies, how they work, their advantages/disadvantages, applications, and market trends. A detailed analysis of the key parameters and features of nonimpact printers is incorporated along with a discussion of topics such as printer connectivity, black-and-white and color desktop and production printing, as well as bar code and MICR printing. New and emerging challenges to print are explored. (March 2004/550 pages) 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Objectives
  • Market Overview
  • Industry Trends
Chapter 2: Nonimpact Printing Technologies
  • Electrophotography
  • Ion Deposition
  • Electron Beam Imaging
  • Magnetophotography
  • Thermal Printing
    - Direct Thermal Printers
    - Thermal Transfer
    - Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer
  • Ink Jet Printing
    - Continuous Ink Jet
    - Drop-On-Demand Ink Jet
  • Electrostatic Printing
  • Other Nonimpact Technologies
Chapter 3: Electrophotographic Printing Engines, Architecture, and Controllers of a Laser Printer
  • Print Engine Components
  • Print Architecture
  • The Print Controller
    - Controllers for Desktop B&W Systems
    - Controllers for Desktop Color Lasers
    - Controllers for Color Copier/Printers
    - Controllers for High-Volume B&W Systems
    - Controllers for Color Digital Presses
Chapter 4: Key Parameters & Basic Features of Nonimpact Printers
  • Imaging Technology
  • Printing Speed and Throughput
  • Reliability Parameters
  • Memory
  • Printer Resolution
  • Compatibility & Interfacing
  • Fonts
  • Multifunction Capabilities
  • Paper Handling & Media
  • Ergonomic Factors
  • Operating Environment
  • Regulatory Conformity
  • Total Cost of Ownership
Chapter 5: Print Command & Page Description Languages
  • Data Stream Formats
  • Print Command Languages
    - Serial Impact Printer Protocols
    - Line Matrix Protocols
    - Native Command Language
    - Xerox Print Command Languages
    - Hewlett-Packard PCL
  • Page Description Languages
    - PostScript
    - Adobe PDF
  • Markup Languages
  • Other Imaging Models
  • Other Print Languages
  • Printer Emulation & Compatibility
Chapter 6: Printing Systems Connectivity
  • Common Physical Interfaces
    - Parallel Interfaces
    - Serial Interfaces
    - Universal Serial Bus (USB)
    - Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
    - Printer Direct Video Interface
    - Infrared Data Association (IrDA) Interface
  • Logical Interfaces
  • Printer Sharing Devices
  • Networks
  • Network Printing
    - Connectivity
    - Network Print Management
    - Device Interoperability
  • Mobile & Wireless Printing
    - Mobile & Wireless Protocols
    - Wireless & Mobile Printing Solutions
    - Other Developments
  • High-End Printing Systems
Chapter 7: Black-and-White Digital Printing
  • Overview
  • Digital Printing in Perspective
  • Black-and-White Digital Printing Systems
  • Applications for Black-and-White Digital Printing
  • Leading Vendors of Black-and-White Digital Production Printing
    - Copiers/printers
    - Cluster Printing Solutions
    - High-Volume Systems
Chapter 8: Color Printing
  • Introduction
  • Color Printing Basics
  • Color Printing Technologies & Markets
    - Low-End Ink Jet Devices
    - Large Format Systems
    - Desktop Color Page Printers & MFPs
    - Color Copier/Printers
    - Color Digital Presses
    - Other Nonimpact Color Technologies
  • Highlight Color Printing
  • Specifying & Controlling Color
    - Standards
    - Color Matching Systems
    - Color Management
    - Proofing
  • Color Printing Applications
    - Business/Office Applications
    - Graphic Arts Applications
    - Industrial Applications
    - Other Applications
Chapter 9: Bar Code Printing
  • Introduction
  • History of Bar Codes
  • Trends in Bar Code Technology
  • Bar Code Symbologies
  • Technical Limitations of Bar Code Printing
  • Common Linear Symbologies & Their Applications
  • Nonimpact Bar Code Printing
  • Bar Code Scanning & Verification
  • Bar Code Software & Fonts
  • Selecting Label Media
Chapter 10: MICR Printing
  • Background
  • Approaches to MICR Printing
  • The MICR Market
    - Check Printing
    - High-End Market Segment
    - Desktop & Midrange Market
  • MICR Testing & Verification
  • Security Issuess
  • MICR Toner
  • Purchasing a MICR Printer
  • Implementing a MICR Solution
Chapter 11: Pre- and Post- Processing
  • Industry Trends
  • Print and Mail
    - Trends in Mail
    - Inserting Systems
    - Self-Mailers
  • Roll-Handling Systems
  • In-Line Versus Off-Line Operation
  • The Impact of Print-on-Demand
    - Paper Handling
    - Binding & Finishing
  • Automating Print Production
Chapter 12: Challenges to Print
  • The Internet
  • Electronic Books
  • Electronic Paper
  • Electronic Bill Presentment & Payments (EBPP)
  • Electronic Forms

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Topics Covered

  • In-depth analyses of important trends in the electronic printing industry
  • Historical perspective of nonimpact printing technologies: how they work, why they were developed, strengths and weaknesses, key applications and players, market trends, and outlook for the future
  • Thorough exploration of the major components of print engines, including printing architectures and print controllers
  • Detailed discussion of the parameters and features of all classes of nonimpact printers, including desktop and production models
  • Critical background on all major print command languages, PDLs, and markup languages, including emerging technologies such as PPML and PDF/x
  • The basics of interfaces, networks, and printer connectivity, including device interoperability, mobile, and wireless printing
  • Thorough analyses of the black-and-white nonimpact printing market, including new and emerging applications such as on-demand book production
  • The fundamentals of color printing, with details and comparisons of current color printing technologies, market trends, and the latest developments in color management and color applications
  • The history of bar codes, bar code symbologies, and nonimpact bar code printing applications
  • Background and basic of MICR printing, including MICR printing technologies, applications, market trends, and issues
  • The latest trends and developments in pre- and post-processing equipment, ranging from desktop applications to high-volume environments
  • New and emerging challenges to print, including EBPP, the Internet, and the impact of alternative media on the printing market
  • Expanded and revised Index and Glossary of Terms & Acronyms

Who Should Buy

  • Printer manufacturers, OEMs, Resellers
    - Digital printing systems
    - Conventional printing equipment
    - RIP/connectivity solutions
    - Pre- and post processing/Finishing vendors
    - Software developers
    - Media and supplies
  • Corporate Users
    - In-plant print shops
    - Centralized reprographic departments (CRDs)
    - MIS/data centers
    - Network operations
    - Purchasing managers
  • Vendors of media and supplies
    - Pre- and post-processing equipment vendors
    - Software developers
    - Commercial print providers and quick printers
    - Digital service bureaus
    - In-house printing operations, including corporate, government, and education
    - Education organizations
    - Industry trade associations
    - Consultants, analysts, PR firms

For Industry Professional Involved in:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Product management
  • Engineering and product development
  • Application and technical support
  • Market research and strategic planning
  • Sales and technical training
  • Selection and purchase of printing solutions
  • Printing and publishing operations
  • Printer service and maintenance

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